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Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). For unlisted questions, please make a contact through email, or from Inquiry Form on website.

What is the difference between Shemale and Crossdresser?

In our shop, the cast who takes female hormones is defined as shemale, and the cast who doesn't take them is defined as crossdresser.

Are the casts as shown in the photos?

Yes, our shop doesn’t fix the photos.

Is the fee only for the amount shown on the HP?

Yes. Basically, the fee is only the amount shown on there. However, you may be charged by extending the time or adding options.

Can I make a reservation after one month?

Yes, we accept a wide range of reservations from the previous reservation to the sudden reservation on the day. However, if the cast's schedule is undecided, it will be treated as a tentative reservation.

When does the start time count?

It starts from the time you meet the cast. Please note that time such as shower is included.

How do I pay the fee?

Basically, when you meet the cast, you will pay directly in advance. It's pre-paid.

Is it possible to reserve outside of business hours?

It may be possible if you contact us in advance. Please feel free to contact us.

Is it possible to play with the desired cast in the free course?

The free course is that we guide you to our recommended cast, so you cannot choose casts. if you have decided the desired cast, please use the standard course.

Can I cancel if the cast I wanted isn't my preferred type?

We are sorry. We basically do not accept changes or cancellations after meeting the cast any of the courses.

Can I cancel if I cannot go there suddenly on the day?

If you contact us, you may be able to cancel.

When do I take a shower?

It's OK to be at your timing, but the shower time is included in the course, so you might be able to do it early.

Do you have condoms or lotions in the shop?

Yes. Condoms and lotions will be brought by CAST, so you don't have to bring them.

Is it possible to bring sex toys and cosplays?

Yes. Please let us know at the time of booking. If CAST is available, you can bring them with you at an additional charge.

Can I see a girl ejaculation?

Yes. It’s possible with a separate option. However, we cannot guarantee 100% because it may be difficult depending on your physical condition or situation. If the cast can't ejaculate, we will refund the option fee. We will adjust it so that we can guide you in a state close to 100% by asking us in advance.

Should I tell you in advance what I want to do anal plays?

Yes. CAST may not be able to cope depending on the physical condition, so we recommend that you consult us in advance if you wish.

Is there a limit to the number of ejaculations?

The number of your ejaculation is unlimited. However, there is also a problem of the physical strength of CAST, so if you want to ejaculate more than once, please contact us at the time of reservation.

Check-in to the hotel is likely to be just around the corner…

In our shop, we dispatch Casts after the room confirmation is taken. Please check in at the hotel in advance and book at least one hour before the scheduled start time. If the start time is delayed due to a delay in check-in, we may ask you to change the course.

Do you be sure to check if I'm in a hotel room?

Yes. In principle, we will be sure that you are in a hotel room.

Is it possible to come to a business hotel?

Basically, it is possible, but please consult us in advance because some hotels do not allow to enter other than the guest.

Is it possible to come to my home?

Yes. however, If you do not have a shower, or if you have a shared bathroom in a dormitory or etc, CAST cannot be dispatched, so please use a private room or hotel.