We'd be pleased your reservation on the web (Email / Online Form) if in English. Thanks for understanding!

Please read "FOR THE NEW CUSTUMER" if you use our shop for the first time.


Standard plays

Kiss / Deep Kiss / Petting / Suck

Each cast plays

Anal play(Customer is on top) / Anal play(Customer is on bottom) / Prostatic massage / Threesome / Ejaculation / Soft S / Soft M / Soft Scat / Hard S …etc.

There is a possibility by the cast.


Free course (Only at our Private room, You cannot choose a cast)

You can play with recommended casts by us. For 40 minutes + 40 minutes, the cast will be switched in the first half 40 minutes and the second half 40 minutes. For Threesome 60 minutes, you can play with 2 recommended casts at the same time.

40 min10,000 JPY
40 min+40 min15,000 JPY
60 min15,000 JPY
80 min20,000 JPY
120 min25,000 JPY
Threesome 60 min25,000 JPY
Standard course(You can choose a cast)

This course can be used for both private room and travel.

40 min15,000 JPY
60 min20,000 JPY
90 min25,000 JPY
120 min30,000 JPY
Night - short(11pm-7am)50,000 JPY
Night - long(11pm-10am)60,000 JPY
Extension 30 min5,000 JPY
Threesome (Only at Private room)

Threesome means 2 casts for 1 customer. Please feel free to contact us if you hope more casts or customers.

60 min36,000 JPY
90 min46,000 JPY
120 min56,000 JPY
SWAP course (Only at Private room)

Ordering 2 casts for first half of hours and next one. Casts will be switched at the half taming of hours.

90 min
(45 min + 45 min)
26,000 JPY
(60 min + 60 min)
36,000 JPY
150 min
(75 min + 75 min)
46,000 JPY
Special course(travel only)

In this course, you can spend a long time with your favorite cast.

Daytime rong course
(MAX 7 hours plan starting from between 12pm-10pm.)
70,000 JPY
One-day rong course
(24 hours from your desired time)
130,000 JPY
Date Course

You can date with your favorite casts.

60 min10,000 JPY

Terms of using Date Course

  • This course is prohibited having a sex(including kisses, hugs and touches). It is permitted only date during the time.
  • You can combine with basic courses. You may having a sex after dating.
  • For meeting outside, it’s only the customer who have used our shop. If you use our shop for the first time, you only take CASTs out of our store.
  • For travel, you will pay transportation fee separately from the regular fee.
  • For this course, you can spend with her every 60 min. So, if you want to extend more, 60 min will be added.
  • All cost, such as train fee, on food, during DATE COURSE is paid by the customers.
  • It cannot be combined with any other coupon.
  • Transportation

    Casts will come to place you want such as hotel or home. Available by casts. For use after 11pm, there is an additional fee. please contact us.

    Shinjuku Ward1,000 JPY
    Shibuya Ward
    Chūō Ward
    Chiyoda Ward
    Taitō Ward
    Toshima Ward
    Nakano Ward
    Bunkyō Ward
    Minato Ward
    2,000 JPY
    Arakawa Ward
    Itabashi Ward
    Kita Ward
    Kōtō Ward
    Shinagawa Ward
    Suginami Ward
    Sumida Ward
    Setagaya Ward
    Nerima Ward
    Meguro Ward
    3,000 JPY
    Ōta Ward4,000 JPY
    Adachi Ward
    Edogawa Ward
    Katsushika Ward
    5,000 JPY

    Please ask us if you want other areas.

    Play Options

    All girls are not available for Options such as SM, Scat, Toys. Please check girl's profile in advance.

    Soft SM play
    Soft S(Cast acts S)3,000 JPY
    Soft M(Cast acts M)5,000 JPY
    Hard S(Cast acts S)10,000 JPY

    How to use SM course

  • SM role meaning of Softly playing alike SM (ex, Spanking, Wilder Sex, Word Fighting), please check each girl's profile for details.
  • For hard S, it’s the play that use sex toys such as whipping, wax attack, blindfold, anal extension, nose hook, biding and more. Please let us know what you want to do at the time of reservation.
  • please note that CASTs cannot play the role of M(passive) at hard SM.
  • For hard SM, we have various rental goods. Please have a look at this page. If you bring your goods, we will charge you separately. Please tell us in advance.
  • As for playing contents you want, you cannot use our private room. please ask us in advance.
  • Soft Scat

    You can just see urination or defecation and just show her yours one. As for Scat playing, Watching/Being watched playing Only.

    Soft Scat5,000 JPY

    One of the additional options that CAST ejaculate. In case the CAST cannot ejaculate, we will refund only the additional charge.

    Ejaculation (at one time)3,000 JPY

    Toys / Goods

    Let's make your play time more excited with Items! Please check girl's profile in advance.

    • Simple Vibrator
    • 1,000 JPY
    • Elec-Massager
    • 1,000 JPY
    • Dildos S size
    • 2,000 JPY
    • Dildos M size
    • 2,000 JPY
    • Dildos L size
    • 2,000 JPY
    • Anal Goods No.1
    • 2,000 JPY
    • Elec-Enemagra
    • 2,000 JPY
    • Anal Vibe no.1
    • 2,000 JPY
    • Anal Vibe no.2
    • 2,000 JPY
    • Anal Vibe no.3
    • 2,000 JPY
    • Double-Head Dildo
    • 3,000 JPY
    • Ropes
    • 1,000 JPY
    • Ball Gag
    • 1,000 JPY
    • Riding Whip
    • 2,000 JPY
    • Whipping
    • 2,000 JPY
    • SM Candle
    • 3,000 JPY
    • Enema
    • 3,000 JPY
    • Polaroid
    • 3,000 JPY
    • Anal Pearl
    • 2,000 JPY


    Let's have a different sex than usual in different clothes than usual!

    Extra 1,000 JPY as Item Charge will be occurred for each goods.(Rental)

    • Sailor-style School Uniform
    • Japanese Gal School Uniform
    • Bloomers
    • School Swimsuit
    • French Maid
    • Nurse
    • Cheers
    • Bunny girl
    • Leotard
    • Shrine Maiden
    • Mini-skirt Police
    • Alice
    • Mini-skirt China Dress
    • Sexy Japanese Kimono

    Use of Credit Cards

    VISAMasterCardJCBDiners Club

    Please read this section for the use of Credit card.

    All payment by Credit card, you will be charged extra 15% of as settlement fee.

    In the case of cancellation or change of courses at your reasons after the payment, we will charge 2,000 JPY as a cancellation fee. Thank you for understanding.

    Common Rules

  • Please inform the use of Credit Card at reserving.
  • Information of Credit Card Number, Expire Date, Name, CVV numbers are required.
  • Determined fee will be charged on your payment for Credit Card Use.
  • Please signature on imprinted paper when meeting with boy.
  • Payment with Credit Card is available in all courses.
  • We may ask you to show ID in cases.
  • As for using business corporation cards, we may ask you to show ID / Corporation ID / Business Card in cases.
  • Cancelation fee by cash will occur with disagreement to the above cases.
  • “MCTEL03-3363-3009” will be printed on bill as settlement company.
  • Please make a contact with settlement company for all questions after payment.

    How to Pay at Shop
    1. When you arrive, casts( or shop managers ) will be settled in front of your eyes for safety.
    2. For requesting of Payment in advance(before entering into rooms), please inform that to shop managers on a phone or when arriving at shop.

    How to use

    Terms of use
  • You must take a shower, brush your teeth and wash your mouse clean ahead.
  • You must wear a condom when you fuck and be fucked.
  • Because it’s free services, anal play may not be possible due to poor physical condition. In that case, CASTs will do other services.
  • If you want to play anal play, please confirm in advance.
  • If your penis is paraphimosis or true phimosis, please wear a condom when CASTs suck your penis.
  • Ejaculation in CAST’s mouth and licking anus directly are prohibited because of prevention of infections such as hepatitis.
  • If you have a venereal disease or a doubt of it, you cannot use our shop.
  • If you are drunk, use drugs, or have similar conditions, you cannot use our shop.
  • For travel, CASTs can only go where there is a shower.
  • For stay course(11pm-10am), please give CASTs sleep time at least 6 hours.
  • If you cancel without contacting us, we may charge you the scheduled fee.
  • After meeting the cast, you cannot cancel for your convenience and then we will not refund.
  • Prohibited Matters

    The following acts are strictly prohibited. When these actions are discovered, the services will be interrupted. Then we will not refund. If your acts are particularly bad, we will call the police.

  • Acts that violate the terms of use described on HP
  • No constraint for private-meeting without our agency
  • No constraint for Record of Digital contents(Photo/Movie) / No secret filming
  • Anal play without weari6g a condom
  • Acts that Negotiation, demand, and compel impossible plays
  • Acts that compel plays with what you brought such as sex toy
  • Acts that compel plays that casts hate
  • Acts that violate or hurt casts
  • Acts that insult or intimidating casts
  • Acts that force casts to ask for contact information or personal information
  • Acts of stalking casts
  • Acts that put in or take casts to a place where they cannot contact outside
  • Acts that use drugs or force casts to use them regardless of legal and illegal.
  • Scouting casts for other escort service
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